Servpro is Calgary’s trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service experts.

We understand the wear and tear that your carpet is exposed to on a daily basis.  With regular carpet cleaning service you will prolong the life of your carpet, prevent matting of the high traffic areas and promote a healthier environment – all while protecting your investment. 

We offer both truckmount and portable cleaning systems.

Truck Mount System:

The benefit of a truck mounted carpet cleaning system is high sustainable heat, increased vacuum lift and higher water pressure for a deeper clean. Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning uses super heated water with a cleaning agent that is injected at high pressure deep into carpet fibers where it dissolves and separates soil, bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants from carpet fibers.  This is followed with high suction that extracts the contaminants and the cleaning solution.  The extraction process removes about 95% of the water.   Typical drying time is 4 – 6 hours.

High Temperature steam cleaning can cost a little more than the other methods, but returns much greater value, significantly cleaner carpets with bacteria and germs removed, and a lengthened carpet life!

Portable Units:  (primarily used in apartment style homes)  

Recent developments in technology have produced portable carpet cleaning units that provide an excellent alternative for spaces that are inaccessible by a truck mounted steam cleaning system.

Servpro Cleaning – Your whole home cleaning experts.

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