Go beyond clean with a revolutionary disinfecting system – Winner of the 2017 ISSA Innovation of the Year award!

The term ‘cleaning’ commonly refers to removing dust and dirt from a surface, whereas the terms sanitizing & disinfecting refer to actually eliminating bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. 

The Sanitization Specialists at Servpro Cleaning use an innovative technology, the Clorox Total 360 system, to disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently. The electrostatic applicator allows us to apply the cleaning product over a wide area, disinfecting all surfaces with the wave of the spray wand.  Using an electrostatic sprayer, the disinfectant is positively charged into a fine mist and can wrap and adhere to curved and flat surfaces providing 360-degree disinfection.

This method also allows the disinfectant to air dry without needing to be wiped away so proper dwell time will always occur, thus killing viruses, bacteria, and mold/mildew and neutralizing foul odors.

Sanitizing and disinfecting kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew in less than five minutes.  You can safely re-enter the area immediately after we’ve sprayed the disinfecting solution, no wait time required.

With our Total Sanitization Services you can feel confident knowing your home is completely sanitized and disinfected, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Service Includes:

Electrostatic spraying of all touch points and hard surfaces including:  door knobs and handles, counters and hard surfaces, light switches, washroom sinks and faucets, toilet handles, shower doors, kitchen appliances, etc.

Our disinfection cleaning:

  • Is not chlorine based
  • Does not Use sodium hypochlorite in its formulation
  • DOES NOT Have a strong odour
  • DOES NOT Pose a danger to people or animals who are exposed to it
  • DOES NOT Cause irritation to the eyes or respiratory system after application
  • DOES NOT Require extensive PPE during handling or application

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